Resilient Usup, Escape education system

Supriadi (Usup) is learning to read with the library teacher Kampung Impian

Supriadi (Usup) is learning to read with the library teacher Kampung Impian

The flow of the river does not undo the intention and our aim to a village located at the foot of the mountain Leuser, the journey that takes 3 hours is not felt because the eyes are presented with a very beautiful and soothing view. The rush of the river water flow is a challenge during the journey.

Sarah is indeed a very secluded village away from the urban bustle. No telephone network, let alone Internet network. People here live very comfortably in a blend of nature, but do not make the community a primitive and ignore our arrival such as the anxiety I feel while heading for the new Sarah village. People's life here is very modern and friendly to the guests even the average society here using Android phones. There was even a child who used a Bluetooth headset that had surprised me. Unfortunately, children in this village can only go to junior high school because there is only ELEMENTARY and junior high School. Kika kids want to continue high school. Then they have to wander out the village.

In every remote village that I have visited with the 3R team has one common problem that I met with children who are supposed to be at a certain age can already read but can not read. Just like in the new Sarah village. There are still some children who sit in Grade 4 elementary school but can not read and even know the alphabet still exchanged, Supriadi, for example, commonly called Usup is one of the children who can not read. But Usup has a high kemaun to study on the first day of study. While opening the library, Usup came up to me by carrying one reading book and saying "Kak break me." I felt impressed to hear the child's request because so far there were never children asking for it. So far, I always invite them to read or spell. But, Usup is different. A small boy who lives at the foot of the mountain Leuser aspiring to become a pilot.  Usup should be able to get a decent education in order to develop their village and preserve the mountain area of Leuser. What a few times because the education system is not very supportive in this village where teachers arrange the teaching schedule of the children, so that the learning process does not work as it should.

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