The giving of books, efforts to injure literate activists

Two weeks ago, my eyes were on a book giveaway held by @dialektikabook, a bookstore that was in the city of Makassar. In the giveaway spread through the bookstore's story, the editorial listed is more or less like this; "Before the raid, we will share the book." I haven't ngeh at first, but after a couple of post-activist literations that I follow on my Instagram account, I just understood. The article is a raid book that originated from the controversial discourse of Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo to raid books that are considered to contain the idea of communism.


Kekagetanku was added when seeing the raid was right in Kediri and Padang on Tuesday (8/1) as reported The books deprived of the day are among others titled Chronicles 65, the Children of the Revolution, the red coat and the eyeing of the great man.


The feeling of troubled is increasingly emerging. Instead of shaking me with a galau, I then discussed online with a friend who is a journalist and member of the TNI AD who served in Sulawesi. I asked his opinion about the raid. He expressed his opinion "Razia is funny. What harm the book? Even books about the president are considered dangerous. The one that gave the order was overimpressed looking for sensations and it seemed like he needed a lot of reading more books. It's already a reform era. The brain is required to adapt. Understandably, there are still many TNI that still rigid and have not been move on from the new Order. In the newly-designed library here, I actually display the books that he says left in the same style, including the thoughts of Karl Marx. In essence, I strongly disagree with the raid, "he explained it with a fiery.


Well, I agreed with the opinion of my best friend. Despite the legal public, the poor raid on the basis of the preaching of these books made me think that freedom of expression in this country began to be questionable. Moreover, when the various activities of development of literacy, even to the remote areas conducted by various parties including the Community Volunteer Home Youth (3R) in Aceh, is precisely injured by the condition of the preaching of books.

Written by Rahmiana Rahman

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