Discussing a Permaculture Book, Recalling Past Experiences

Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

Monday morning, June 27, 2022, we as 3R volunteers gathered with great enthusiasm. This morning, we talked a book about permaculture. We were reviewing this book because it is related to the desire to learn and practice more about sustainable agriculture.



Uma, as the trigger for discussion as well as a book discussant entitled A Facilitator’s Handbook for Permaculture, published by the IDEP Foundation, discusses in detail permaculture, which is the management of agriculture and animal husbandry that carries an environmentally friendly concept. In the book, it is also discussed that permaculture is also seen as a philosophy of life because in addition to paying attention to the human element, it also pays attention to the harmony of nature in general. The local community is also involved in terms of local knowledge, for example about plants that can be planted in certain weathers.

After the book reviewers explained, the discussion and question and answer session was opened. Various experiences were also conveyed by 3R volunteers. Some found it difficult to apply in their village before, because now everything seemed to be made easier by non-organic fertilizers, moreover, the products from the farm are used for their daily needs. There were also those who are very concerned with seed engineering that they have done in the past, so this discussion makes them more enthusiastic to be able to repeat this valuable experience. There were others who are nostalgic for past experiences at grandmother’s house in the village, where everything felt beautiful when at that time grandmother’s garden was behind the house, wanted to eat vegetables, just picked them and served them very fresh. Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

* * * 

At first glance, this past experience was also a hope to be able to apply permaculture even on a small area of ​​land. The hope to be a part of this sustainable agriculture continues to exist. Moreover, at 3R, currently, we have a team that is focusing on preparing the permaculture land. Hopefully the experience, various readings and application in the 3R land will be a reinforcement to apply the permaculture concept.

Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas


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