3R volunteers learn to make engaging videos


I welcome the speaker at the secretariat of the Youth Volunteer House (3R) that afternoon (21/2). The speaker who is ready to share with the 3R volunteers is a documentary filmmaker and videography artist Akbar Rafsanjani who is familiarly called Akbar.

"Everyone can make a video, even without a good camera. In essence, who is behind the camera. " Thus the exposure of Akbar at the beginning of the Community Sharing session with the title Videography Techniques for Beginners. The exposure to the making of this video, especially using a simple equipment such as mobile phones, we think it is important to remember that the volunteers placed in the Pustaka Kampung Impian program have many opportunities to make video as Descriptions of things like the beauty of the village, the behavior of children's patterns in learning as well as other interesting things they have found for a month of placement.

The wind that blows from the outside of the 3R library on the 2nd floor does not make us, the volunteers, drowsiness hear this applicative material. Moreover, Akbar gave examples of video about the disaster he made using mobile phone camera and got champion II in a competition. We also add knowledge of the types of shots that are video capturing techniques, such as wide shots that display the subject intact in the frame and usually explain the information about where, when and who is in the frame, Medium Close Up (MCU) that shows only the head until one's chest in the frame and close up that displays the details of the face. "There is a reason of every type of shot selection. The point, from the selection of the shot will form the information, "Akbar said.

"The material presented by Bang Akbar is great for beginners. The thing I like the most is when it comes to capturing techniques of shot types and angles of video capture, "said Ario, a volunteer who has a renjana in the field of documentation.

Written by Rahmiana

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