The patience tester from Desa Serempah


If asked who you most learn patiently answer are children. Yes, the kids are the testers patience. Their curiosity, curiosity, and innocence are those that make us learn patiently to confront them. I get in a remote village in the inland forest in the mountainous part of the Leuser, precisely in the village Serempah, District Ketol, central Aceh.

Early October 2018, I and the team went on to perform a task of devotion that has long been wanted to do. All the mixed taste of one whereas current divides the time for final assignment of lectures and new work that makes me more independent. The dilemma of CPNS also strikes sleep every night. But good firmness and delivery to mother makes my mother willing and willing to follow the activities of the Dream Village Library in one of the volunteer House program teenagers

The morning came to the village, it sounded a roaring sound outside the house. I thought something happened out there turned out to be a group of kids who had been waiting for us outside. They seemed so surprised, confused, pleased and even seen a puddle in Pelopak eyes whether it was moved or taste so missed the teacher's dream figure last year. After getting out they were so busy asking "Kak, this brother where, brother who, not come again ya kak?" That's the words that come out of them.

Many interesting things in the village of Serempah, one of them is the super active children. They seemed never tired to play as well as eager to learn, even though they came very early to learn but they wanted to go home fast. After that they come back again to play together. These are the children with "mood" that often change.

A lot of things we can learn from every occurrence, including today, I learned a lot about the sense of happy doesn't have to be fancy, play doesn't have to be with gadgets. From the loser I learned about this, well from the village children of Serempah. Children who are the patience testers

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