The mission to return children's smiles in tents


It doesn't taste that 1 month the youth volunteer home team departed from Aceh doing earthquake and tsunami disaster responses in central Sulawesi, feeling living with new people and getting new families.

After 1 week in Salua Village and completing an emergency response program that ended on 25 October, the 3R team prepares Trauma Healing program after observing the program that needs to be done during the recovery period. The 3R team has finally collaborated with the social Community Sahabat Indonesia Sharing (SIGi) Makassar) to develop a Trauma Healing program.

After forming Trauma Healing team, we then prepare the equipment for the activities with the children. Besides, it also gave the team a gift of bags and stationery for children of SD Inpres Salua which amounted to 189 people.

After all the equipment and other preparations are completed, October 31, 2018 teams of 3R and SIGi Makassar depart from Daya Makasar terminal to Palu with a duration of 24 hours by bus.

On November 1, the team arrived in Palu and stayed in the Mapala University of Muhammadiyah Palu. The next day, we went to Salua village for 2 hours from the city of Palu.

In the village of Salua, we arrived at the kids and mothers in the public kitchen of the elementary school. It is Salua. The warm welcome and their hospitality made me feel back home. The greeting also became a gathering event and an introduction for our team. We also announced that starting the next day, we will do some activities with children

The Program that we will hesitate until a week ahead is done by learning while playing with the children in the emergency school in the tent. In addition, the team also cleaned and tidy the books scattered around the ruined school.

Hopefully the short activity in Salua village raises a happy impression for the children there. The team also hoped that we could return a smile for the children of Salua village in an emergency tent.



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