Teachers’ Day

The children of Baling Karang village in the hinterland of Aceh Tamiang commemorates the day of Guru with Master of the Library of Impian village and Guru

Around 1 p.m (after school),  children came to Bu Datok’s house – wife of village’s leader. There was no specifi plan to celebrate teachers’ day at that time. It was only a spontaneous initiative when the school offered a sudden offer to cooperate.

We only made porridge and a flower arrangement. In addition, we also helped to prepare children’s writings as they will read. We and other teachers  facilitated as volunteers. There was also a  video from children to congratulate us as their teachers.

Children in Baling Karang village are those who are far from big city. There was only one elementary school in this village. Middle school can be reached by using Getek, a traditional transport tool after the boat.

There are not many things that can be done in Baling Karang. The signals can be off. Uh, but that’s not a big problem. Here, children made my days. After school, the boys went fishing. Other young people played volleyball or stayed to help parents at home  in the afternoon.

Here, I sometimes saw the children carrying shoes to Getek, with bare feet to walk down to the village. It was unimaginable to me how they traveled to the school by usingthat sometimes did not operate when the river overflowed. These children had to walk to school in about thirty minutes. One of them once said, when they came late to school they would be mocked by his friends. There were also other stories from those who took a long way to study and did not overtake the spirit to celebrate the teacher’s day. The children are very creative. They wrote a letter and hope for the teacher with tears.

There are teachers who educate these creative students. Their teachers are bringing hope to them. Some teachers are from this village and the rest of them are also fighters who travel through getek or boat machines.

Teacher’s day is a hope from deepest heart. If there are people who want to come to this village, there will be opportunities for them to get better access.  From Baling Karang, we wish you a happy day teacher!

Written by Kasumah

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