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Dinda Triani, reading a fairy book with the children of Lapeng village, Pulo Aceh

Dinda Triani, reading a fairy book for the children of Lapeng village, Pulo Aceh

Since sitting in the university, I who used to be more involved in the Campus Press activity had a high interest in social activities/volunteering. It also caused me to be so enthusiastic in looking for experience in such activity.

I used to join some entrepreneurship and social organization from my university.  Those experiences were not enough for me. It led me to find community so I can learn more about life.

My new world began after getting Bachelor’s degree. After that, I was thinking where to go. Should I work or keep on studying? That’s my question for my life.

Then, I tried to find a job. However, I was not sure about my choice at that time. While traveling in search of a suitable job, a great opportunity tempted me to turn from the straight path. A choice that then remaps my life goals.

Peace Volunteer Centre (Rumah Relawan Remaja) accepted  me to be Dream Teachers for a social program called Dream Library Project or Pustaka Kampung Impian. This project is to share with villagers and learn to live with the community in some remote villages in Aceh. It was unbelievable. I accepted the opportunity as I dreamed to be a teacher. It will be great opportunity to learn from real life lessons

My belief brought me to be a member of 3R members.  In short, I fell in love with its background, activities, and people inside. In addition, I have a lot of things to learn, for instance to be discipline, patience and mature person..

My journey was started in one of the remote village part of Aceh Island called Lapeng village. There were many chilledren who stop studying because of many factors, here. It could be economic situation or  the distance of the school. For me (and other dream teachers) who got higher education, the fact hurt our heart. As everyone needs to gain good education. .

Meeting with many children in this village has stirred  my emotions and forcedme to learn many things.  To become more useful person. I believe that there is always something we can share with others. I do hope that sharing will always be a part in our lives as human beings. Sharing will make us as the whole person who fill life journey with more meaningful lessons.

By Dinda Triani

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