The village children's work in the library work exhibition Village Impian


How would you feel if seeing the children perform amazingly? Of course, you are very pleased. That is our feeling as a volunteer of Rumah Volunteer Youth (3R) for two days carrying out the work of the Pustaka Kampung Impian Exhibition held on 24-25 August 2015 at the Tsunami Museum. We are pleased to feature many children's work from the village of Bah and Serempah (in central Aceh), the village of Sarah Baru (in South Aceh), the village of Balingkarang (in Aceh Tamiang), the village of Lapeng and Klieng Cot Aron (in Aceh Besar).

On the first day of the activity (August 24, 2019), we focused on the showcase. The drawings, writings, and documentation of the activities are attached to the previously created panel. It was a touching moment for me when looking at the panels with a lot of children's work. Their works are structured like the work of professional artists. That is proof that many children from the village can demonstrate their best work if it gets support and opportunity.

In addition to seeing the work of the children of the Village extraordinary, exhibition visitors can also take photographs using a background photobooth written READ in various languages. It also became an interesting photo background during the exhibition. Hopefully this background will inspire more people especially villagers to read and emphasize our exhibition theme this year.

* * *

In my opinion, the exhibitions that are implemented this year are more interactive with visitors. Aside from the reading corner to invite people to read during the exhibition, there is a creative corner and a corner Hanbok For Books. Creative Corner invites visitors to create a wallet/hairband/Key chain directly during the exhibition. Hanbok for Books as a social entrepreneurship 3R educating people contribute books through the rental of South Korean traditional clothing.

On the second day (August 25, 2019), we not only held exhibitions on the grounds of the Tsunami Museum, but also organised children's performances on stage. It is really grateful to have many amazing performances from children such as the traditional dance of Laweut and Ranup Lampuan, a contemporary dance theme with read, storytelling and poetry reading. Children perform very well. They not only perform but also give insight or new knowledge to the audience such as the children of the Baling Reef told about the history of the propeller name, the children of the new Sarah featuring Laweut dance which has a profound meaning.

We appreciate all the support of the villagers. However, no less important, we appreciate all the volunteer support and assistance during the event. We would like to thank you for their outstanding performance.

We hope that this library of Dreams Village exhibition achieved its goal to provide many opportunities for children in the disadvantaged area, to inspire many people by looking at the children's work, to show the community that every child Can maximize potential when gaining broad opportunities, to show villagers that children in their village can do the best in the big city, and to encourage the villagers to learn more.


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