A wish to see a coral propeller into a prosperous village 


When inviting Sri, one of the participants of the sewing class to Banda Aceh, he is happy to say "the fruit that used to be planted, we can eat." The greeting of Sri I also prove when visiting back to Balingkarang this year 2019. I also became happy to see the trees that we planted together 3 years ago can be enjoyed fruit fruits by the village community

My recollection came back at the beginning of the fruit tree planting program in the village of Balingkarang. The idea that comes from the anxiety of finding it difficult to find fruit, including coconut fruit is actually very easy to grow and obtained in tropical conditions that exist in Indonesia. It is easy to get the palm trees that for the village community can improve the economy. The proof, until now though their land is vast, palm-oil can not grow well. Palm price is also very cheap, up to Rp. 400 per kilogram. In addition to palm oil gardening, the livelihoods of people in this village let alone men are cutting down timber. Almost all men into the woods to cut down wood even though they know that cutting down the tree is not good. They do because they think there is no more way to make money.

After seeing the fruit tree planting, we also try to plant the fruit tree again while doing the activity of Peace Camp 2019. We start to think that planting fruit trees is very good. We at 3R already want to start making small fruit orchards with one of the residents there. We hope this will be an example, hopefully the citizens of other communities want to follow this path. The more that follow the step of planting fruit trees make the village community can get the fruit to be enjoyed. They can also earn some income let alone their land is very wide. This situation may make them not cut the trees anymore,

* * *

After seeing a very well grown fruit tree in the village of Balingkarang, and the desire to be with a citizen starting fruit orchard, became a positive change that can be developed in this village. This positive change made me more happy.

My happy feeling again grew while looking at the school building in Balingkarang which showed a very positive change.  The conditions I saw today were very much different from my first arrival in 2011. At that time, there were no schools so the children had to go across the village. In my opinion, a good change is happening because we routinely visit the village of Balingkarang. In the past, there was no school, and the school was building despite the unworthy buildings and the occasional teacher's condition, sometimes absent. Now, while visiting the Peace Camp 2019, I see a very good school with clean and neatly arranged environment, clean toilets, lush garden in school yard, children's work on the walls of the school, used goods Made ornaments and toys. This scene amazed me. I feel a change in the condition of this school because we have been implementing the Pustaka Kampung Impian program 3 years ago.

Awareness to continue school is also increasing. In the past, it was difficult to find junior high school graduates. In fact, 8 years ago, it was hard to find village head because elementary school graduates are hard to find. Now, with the ease of access of "Getek" transportation that is owned by the village, the community is getting easier across to proceed to junior high school.

The condition of the school and the increasing desire to get a better education impressed me, as a result of a desire to make a better change from a village.

* * *

Developing a village needs joint work and good planning. I think that we should plan a Dream village library with a real concept that can advance the village. We teach in theory and practice it with the local community. Moreover, the children who participated in our program this next 10 years will grow into a youth that is useful for their village.

In the next few years, I imagine that someday, Balingkarang Village will be overgrown with various types of fruit trees such as mango, Rambutan and others. People there are also increasingly able to manage their village potential because there are many who have a useful education to develop their villages.

Now, I do not know much but I have to try something that can make Baling coral become a simple but prosperous village.

Written by Prime Romi Saputra.

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