Dream Village teacher motivates children inland

The children of Bah village

The children of Bah village

          A pride of his own taste when seeing the effort done sweet fruitful. Especially if the effort we do goes according to planning and beneficial for others. At least that's what Nanda Rahmad, a library teacher of dreams felt for the development of children in the village of Bah, central Aceh who was involved in the activities in this second period. It is not a pride to show that the teachers of dreams are able to encourage the learning interest of children, but more to the gratitude turns out that the Dream Village's library program is able to make motivated to be more active in learning.

      The existing targets are not very muluk. Only limited awareness campaigns safeguard the environment and peace that are tucked into every content in the curriculum that has been prepared. Of course this content is also a big responsibility for the teachers ' own dreams as a mediator.

        Books and learning together become media in achieving these targets. The books in the Dream Village library are also meant for children to cultivate their reading, even if they live in remote areas.

          Since the second period of the Dream Village's library program, Nanda feels the high enthusiasm of the children has looked. Even the citizens seemed to be glad to receive the arrival of the teachers.

             The teacher spirit of the dream Village is increasingly higher with the ability of the target children to grow. Who used to learn to know the letters in the basic reading class is now up to the reading class. That used to be rare in the writing class, now every half a day, children flock to meet the library to learn and play with the teacher of the Library of Dreams.

Children-Class reading the basic village of Bah

Children grade reading the basic village of Bah


Children-class advanced reading of the village of Bah

Children's class advanced reading the village of Bah

Child-Class writes the village of Bah

Class children write the village of Bah

Anek Village of Bah

Child of Bah Village

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