A variety of simple lessons from Balingkarang village

Balingkarang village which is one of the implementation places of Pustaka Kampung Impian gives many new lessons for my life training. Fog and cold morning as a shield shield for bad prejudice. The scorching day breaks through the illuminating dark heart by lying. The afternoon rain can be extinguished and hate fire. The night star Flicker made a strong memory of gratitude and hope. In the seagrass I was conscious, too much of your favor that made me forget, who I am, who he is, who they are and who you are.


In Balingkarang, I met many simple but meaningful children of the village. Play with nature but don't ruin it. But the spirit of the school continues. Ever I was thinking of bringing cheer cheers the city's way to make this village more looking alive. But I'm wrong, this village lived beautifully lonely. Never wanted me to bring the bright light of the city lights to this village, so the night did not look gloomy. However, again I was wrong. Their night is more beautiful, the beauty of the moon sometimes coincides with stellar spreads. I can only laugh. Exactly laughed embarrassed. Actually who lacks? I or they? I'm looking for a smile, they're creating it. I think happy, they feel it. Apparently I'm still not far running. Because the simple thing that is unwise is happiness for them. Me too.


In this village too, I realized another thing the Lord was destined for me, being rediscovered with a new family that became an important part of my learning journey here. On the one hand, I feel increasingly acquainted with them because of this togetherness. There are a few new things I've met. Things differ from all my judgment about them before. Here I can finally feel a child who has 2 older brothers. A lot of life lessons I accidentally get from both older brothers. For example, his actions that made me think a bit grew some ideas in my mind. "If our intentions are good, then whatever comes also good", his very advice I remember.


Apart from the various experiences and lessons of togetherness with a new family, I learned a lot from the community in this secluded village located in Aceh Tamiang District.



Written by Nourica

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