Unique children in Pustaka Klieng Cot Aron

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In the placement of the Dream Teacher's first period of 2019-2020, I was with a dream teacher named Kasumah stationed at Pustaka Klieng Cot Aron, Aceh Besar District. We come twice in a week, namely every Thursday and Saturday.

The trip we travelled from the Youth volunteer House location is 14 km from the library more often culminated in the student absence for a variety of reasons. But, that's not the reason for not coming on the schedule we've specified.

After seeing various obstacles, the arrival schedule was changed to Monday and Thursday. This consistent schedule ended up with the consistency of the children present, although not many, at least they already knew that in the schedule there were our dream teachers who came.

I was acquainted with several children. I became acquainted with a cute child named Haikal. He's already sitting in Grade 1 elementary school. This cute child can already get to know the letters, but still often difficult to distinguish the letter B and D. To remind him, I did a simple anecdote. It was funny, but at least he could start distinguishing the two different letters. Although well, still often forget.

My introduction to other children was memorable. Included with Razi, a Grade 5 child elementary School. The ability to read it is still in spelling, a mirror effect of the current face of education. Nevertheless, he had other skills that I found as we played kites together. This child prefers the creation process. He showed me the work of the used wiring assemblies, small lights and a lighter torch battery to me.

This ability that makes me and Riska (Master of Dreams) facilitates it to make electricity installations using batteries. Razi was pleased, especially he was in conjunction with Habibi; His friend who also commonly visited the library Klieng Cot Aron. They are very happy and happy.

Experience with the children here is strengthening my understanding of carrying each child has shortcomings and advantages. We should not continue to focus on those flaws, but help to develop their strengths.

Written by Ario

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