Practicing Self-Development Through Book Reviewing

For a number of people, book reviewing might be regarded as an easy task. But, it is a different matter for some others. To get better at this activity, habituation entails, especially after becoming conscious with the fact that this is a fruitful activity.

Our volunteers believe that reviewing book is a fruitful activity. Therefore, we make it as monthly routine. A month prior, the activity of book dissection with women as the main theme was held. This time, the theme was about self-development.

The total of 12 volunteers participated in this activity and their favored books were different to one another. Our pool of books included Habit, Lifestorming, Masih Belajar, Dancing with Life, Hati Nurani and several other.         


Every one of the volunteers was taking turns to share their insights about their books of choice. Afterward, there was a brief discussion with regards to the books. During the discussion, the enthusiasm of these volunteers was filling the ambience. As a result, the dialog ended up taking a longer time.

The dialog was wrapped up with a seal of encouragement to read and the selection of topic of Islam for the upcoming book review next month.

Translated by Priscillia Sharon



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