Painting the Strategies for a “New World”


The global affairs are currently rotating around the competition of dominance of which to reveal the most powerful country. The status to ensure the survival of one country is being contested here. And it is unlike the competition to win a throne that has painted history. This is no longer a colonization period where the power of one country is determined through the number of states it seizes. Rather, to place the states above everything is considered as the act to help one country save its face. This period has become an era of which the act against humanity and even on a broader scale, the mass destruction efforts are no longer disputed.  

Each country is on its quest for survival. Through this event, each country incorporates what modernity could offer to secure its win. Robots and sophisticated machines are at the front of our security systems. Not only do we become more reliant of them, we even profess our admiration for the technological advancement, the robotic military forces that are capable of wiping out an entire city, and the cell phone that has become a spying tool for several entities to “govern” over its citizens.

The hostility between the US and Iran has alerted us that the current global situation is not in its good shape. President Donald Trump has commanded its military forces to launch a missile against Iran near the Baghdad Airport of Iraq. The event resulted in the death of Iran’s highest military commander, Qassem Soleimani. It was the defensive measure taken against Iran after its attacks to the US, one of which was the fire set in the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Trump has made an announcement that the attack on Iran’s military group which resulted in the death of General Qasem Soleimani was the act of self-defense to the suspected terrorist act carried out by Iran. The attack has generated suspicion around the potential warfare on a global scale or we could also call it World War III.

Superpower country, the title we crown the US for its status as the most powerful country. I am no longer able to believe that conscience is really needed in this world. The country with the strongest security is attempting to deceive its foes by making a false promise to settle the disputes and not engaging any counterattack measures. And the peculiar thing is that we put our faiths in the peacemaking initiative from the people responsible for this turmoil.  It is a proven thing that political measures walk hand in hand with intelligence, but ironically, contradict the moral standard.

The political struggle should not put a sole focus on the winner, instead, it should be more concerned about strengthening the entity that already holds the most power thereby prompting the other countries to adhere to this country. Because power is not only functioned to govern citizens of one country, but rather on a broader scale, the global citizens.

The manner in which we see the world now is as if we were fans of some popular actors in an ongoing movie. Each of the political problems is echoing through the spectators’ ears. I wonder about the remaining time we have to live our life. We are already in a state where we should worry less about our personal appearance as our life here is at stake. How do we create an escape to prevent suffering from hunger in the midst of this horror? While the one responsible for this utter mess is indulging himself with a glass of wine that is dripping down to his beard.

Hopes will not be blossoming into some changes if we were only playing the role of spectators or prompting the issue to be a debatable matter. It has been the nature of human beings to try to defend their arguments in order to save their face.

It is not a matter of efforts that we put to create a change or a carefully and thoughtfully plan that is born out of a genius any longer because the implementation of the plan of sorts is still far from resolving the ongoing disputes whether it is between the US and Iran or the US and Russia. Truth to be told, each of the disputed countries is still not displaying its true strength of which the weapons of their belongings are kept hidden to guard them against the threat from an angered female.

Written by Kasumah

Translated by Priscillia Sharon












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