Journey means the librarian 3R tracing the foothills of the Mount Leuser


Not noticeably, it has been half a year I have been serving as a librarian for the Dream Library program conducted by the Youth Volunteer House (3R) in the village of Sarah Baru, South Aceh Regency. Time goes as fast.

There is always an interesting story on every trip to the upstream of the Kluet River. As stuck for hours in the harbour, rain-showers along the way, the stamp-a designation for a transport instrument in the form of a small ship-almost upside down, the strange gaze of the people I met and Berpanas-panas Ria on the stamp up to Almost faint. Actually, as a librarian my task is not heavy. I only bring books to children, play and learn with them. Just that, the transport factor, distance and also the natural conditions make the actual journey easy this becomes challenging. Like this July trip. The long dry season made the Kluet River very shallow and the stamp that transported us could not walk quickly. Several times, passengers including the competition stopped even down to avoid the rocks that hit the stamp body. Be a trip this time much longer than usual.

Whatever the challenge, the visits in this secluded village are always pleasant. The many events that triggered the adrenaline, the enthusiastic faces of children will be the books that I bring, also the warm smiles of society that always greet me well as well as bergelas-gelas the coffee that Mak made to me more than enough to Made me happy, more than enough to be the reason I enjoyed every visit to it. There is really no reason for me not to be grateful for this visit.

In the end, I know my journey to the village of Sarah Baru is not just about bringing books, playing and learning with children. More than that. All these trips are part of the school's continuation to me. I again have the opportunity to learn to love children, nature, neighbors, cultural customs and especially is loving myself.

This trip is not a big and special trip, but I always hope every trip I do always brings good benefits to the children, the environment and myself. There are many stories of course on the way to the Leuser wilderness. The story that not only made my journey more beautiful but also full of meaning.

Written by Nurul Fitri Azlin

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