"The Power Of" The Village


One day I visited a market in a village. To get to a market that consists of only two trucks that contain food on every Saturday, the villagers must use a raft to cross the river. I also crossed the river. Upon arrival at the market, I saw one of the villagers selling a lot of coconut fruit to the owner of the truck, while at the same time there are some villagers who bought the coconut fruit from the owner of the truck. Terbesit the question in my mind, can no longer those who need a coconut ask the neighboring campus, without having to cross the river to buy coconuts?

Another story, still in a village. Looks a man with his teeth cutting the wood. Well, it's a form of illegal logging practices. They cut the wood excessively to follow the lure of the material from the suffts. Of course, to cover the needs of their own families. The result, there is. But the negative impacts are more. Money was received at that time, the Suffsons enjoyed with his power, but the next generation can only grieve lamented wood, trees and various natural outcomes only live stories. Everything is due to greed and lack of social sensitivity
The above two experiences made me increasingly aware that nowadays, there are still a handful of people who do not want to share with people around him. Hopefully still a handful, not as much in my mind. As social sensitivity decreases. NAFSI-NAFSI, things themselves must be resolved by themselves.
On the one hand, the lack of social sensitivity seems to be an inevitable time. Human existence today is covered by a variety of competition, both from the economic, cultural, career, family life and the things of the naked eye. This is what makes people's mindset turn into materialist. All good is only judged materially. No surprise if that happens is everyone just think of himself.
Various ways are thought. Various businesses are done. Even the villagers who felt they lived in a place that was not noticed, finally chose to move to the city that he said gave hope. In fact, we should not consider living in a village is something that is not advanced.

In my opinion, the welfare of a government can be seen from the welfare in the village as the most small governmental structure. If the village alone can not be independent, it can be described that the Government is not present for the community, but merely dictate. The village holds a big contributed in the progress and prosperity of a government.
Therefore, it is necessary to support many parties to make the village more independent, maximizing the potential in the village for the welfare of the community there with the local wisdom that is not neglected. Not transforming the village into a modern so ruled by capitalists.
The support provided is to support people staying in the village to stay alive in their own ways. They can be more aware that their village is the right place for them and the next generation. In the end, there is not much more village to become a city with a greedy industrialization land.
Although it is difficult to stem modernisation, but we can present in the village minimizing the damage that exists, so that some generations behind us can still enjoy.
Part of the movement supports the existence of this village is part of maintaining a simple and homely life, and of course the personal reduction of the greedy. Simplicity makes us always share for the crowd. Make us a person with a friendly instinct. So we don't scoop up something without the rest. Simplicity teaches us about living together, blending in with nature, without being affected by the modernization of the sublimness.
With the understanding and application of a simple and meaningful living concept, we together will care more about the little things around us. So in the end, we will create a better and more peaceful place for us and the next generation.

By: Romi

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