Sysize of library development in Lapeng

Alhamdulillah, finally the process of building a library in Lapeng village, Pulo Aceh was completed. Village Community cooperation that started the development of the library by mutual assistance appears the result of a library that is shaped as a small stage house.IMG_20180510_181723

To complement the happiness for the completion of the library in the Lapeng, it was held a meal together and sysize on Friday last week (11/5). Since the morning around 9 o'clock, the community has begun to move. Some are looking for wood, looking for banana rods and shredding beef. This activity is led directly by the village head. To facilitate, eating together is finally held in the school yard, because in the library is very hot and difficult to connect with the water source.


After cooked beef is complete with the Karinya, more and more people are coming to the school yard carrying rice. Then, they took the meat in 2 large skillet that had been prepared in turns. Everything is eating with a lahap, even some are constantly adding meat until the contents in the frying pan out. It's nice to see people gather, tell stories and eat together. Next, about 3 pm, after the heavy rain in the village of Lapeng, held a sysize library called "Peusijuk".


In the afternoons, small children began running through the library. They were very pleased to see the new library. Hopefully in the future, this small library will be beneficial to the people of Lapeng village.

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