Solving concerns about Rendi


The class writing Baling is the end of the task sequence of "learning" together seeking inspiration. Initially this class was a great after-fighting entertainment to accompany the children writing class in the previous two villages. In Baling coral it becomes a relaxed phase for a moment to stop balancing energy for the previous hyperactive children. At first it really enjoyed the silence, but the boredom was disturbing in the heart. Moreover, the children always nod when starting content and follow each instruction without complaint.


The children here are just as early as the idea to start writing. "Could this be Kak?", "Can the story be about the same kak?" or "Draw, G-what is Kak?". Questions are present Once upon a time in the learning process. Writing content that is also much focused to the imagination or the idea of writing becomes a monotonous taste. Modifying content is also an interesting thing to think about. Although all children tend to be the same, some draw attention in a child. His name is Rendi, he has always been the most silent child among others.


Writing about the village, writing a fairy tale, drawing freely, drawing the ideals of all these content was never on his objences. However, the facial expression shown while learning is also not indictable acceptance. The results of his writings were not well qualified. Sometimes ideas in writing are difficult to understand. Drawing is a direct-to-rejection content. "I'm not a hobby picture kak, my image must be ugly", that is the reason when the content is drawing. Until a few times at the briefing I gathered various suggestions from team mates to modify the content to be appropriate for Rendi. Every time we evaluate a solution to find out what "problem" is in Rendi.


Rendi includes a diligent child from the beginning of the library Kampung Impian. Even once a few times he became the only boy who was present in the classroom. Seeing the results of her writing that sometimes I feel guilty. Thinking about "What is my delivery ability would be the elusive content of a child especially Rendi?". After the first month is almost over and there is a unique occurrence of Rendi while staying with Rambo in the library, as well as a story about a young village boy who jokingly left his greeting for Kak Darfi on Rendi. The story was Rendi told me very well on me and my friends. Even with a brick, but sentences that we used easily understand. This opportunity I use as a propender for the idea of Rendi in writing his diary. With the spirit of Rendi began to inked pen ink to his book sheets. Suddenly the strokes stopped and the face of the frame looked. "Kak, how was she wrote Kak?", she asked me about how she should start writing her story. Recurring continues until perhaps half of the story begins with the words of me.


After that incident, I concluded that Rendi had a hard time adjusting the word, then at every opportunity write, I sought to read his writings so that he could easily give him input.  Rendi was never disturbed if I corrected his writing directly while studying. The letters that are left behind or the repeated word are often a problem when Rendi writes. Like many other children, it is also sometimes lazy to improve the writing that has already been written. Even so he admitted his mistake and knew independently what to fix.


His talent and interest eventually seen the learning process time of writing and advanced reading should be combined. The condition was raining so that if learning by ordinary methods would be boring and definitely inflict drowsiness on them. So quickly I and Kak Darfi twisted the brain to form interesting content. Learn to count and guess-guesses made to be as thoughtful as smart. Rendi, who acted as a spokesperson for his team seemed excited. It looks like Rendi is very excited to work under pressure. The Adrenalnya is a strong race to solve each problem quickly and precisely. The question of counting becomes his specialty, some times the number is answered independently without having to discuss and ask other team mates. He also counted the series of numbers, multiplication and summation without paper and pencil tools.


With the rest of another month, I will try to seek Rendi to "be honest" in writing. Follow every imagination and idea that is and poured in the written form. Want to remove the wrong writing and fix it. Continue to solve the problem of counting and learn to organize the language even in a depressed state. The Rendi and the puzzles about them will begin to be solved one by one.


Written by Nourica, a dream teacher.

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