Seeing the condition of Salua village earthquake affected

DSC_0562After 12 days the Youth Volunteer House Team (3R) was in Palu City with the volunteer of Mapala Univ. Muhammadiyah Palu, on 16 noon I moved to one of the villages in the interior of Sigi regency, namely Salua Village. The village is located in Kulawi Sub-district. It is approximately 3 hours drive from Palu City. This time, the 3R team joined the volunteers from the SAR Mapala Muhammadiyah Indonesia, volunteers from Luwuk District, a Univ volunteer. Muhammadiyah Palu.  In addition to wanting to see the conditions there, the 3R team also carries the aid of decent wear for residents.

Upon arriving at the village of Salua, precisely in Hamlet 3, I saw that people were queueing waiting for the sharing of assistance provided by volunteers coming from various places. 3r team headed to the post in the Inpres School of Salua which is on the right side of the village road.

When walking into the post, a simple tent and a platoon tent are visible. The back and left side of the platoon tent visible debris of the school buildings that were completely destroyed.

The night of 3R team arrived, the agenda to watch together. Finally all the children, mothers, fathers enthusiastically watched the movie that was on my laptop that night.

* * *

The next day, the 3R team walked around the hamlet and met the community. A father who was drying chocolate began to tell the team 3R. He told him that at the time of the earthquake, he was at home to pray Maghrib. The father had fallen and immediately brought his son out of the house. His house was devastated and now lives in a resident refugee tent. Then came the mothers also told me when the earthquake occurred.

3R team activities during there is to help the program created by SAR Mapala Muhammadiyah Indonesia, which is to make an emergency school, improve the water channel, unload the SD building, study groups, TPA, the district assistance and medical standby.

Every morning, for three days, the 3R team unloads the SD building, moving and clearing the ruins elsewhere in order to build an emergency school.  While Nuna, every morning and evening doing activities with children, play, sing, learn Korean language and give gifts to children.

Written by Ihsan


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