Rinon Village, Pulo Aceh

Anciently, people lived berkelompok-kelompok in the wild. Then there came civilizations, cultures, customs and a way of life based on spiritual values by observing the surrounding aspects of the environment.

In this world there are some creatures of God who must coexist and fill the void, help each other and appreciate each other. There are rarely any customary rules that prohibit people from damaging the nature, and even people themselves firmly hold the rules without any compulsion. It is because this nature (forest, mountain, sea and so on) is a life that should be preserved for the continuity of human life itself. Truly the genius of those who lived anciently, the rules they set were not detached from the values of justice without any feeling harmed.

According to my saving, it is not so in this modern day. People have transformed from a prosperous life to a life that emphasizes competition values and competition. People are already spoiled with technology that does not consider the other creatures on the earth that are oppressed because of it. This world seems to have lost balance due to massive exploitation to meet the human needs of living with technology. This resulted in a growing number of natural disasters. In addition, capitalism and mammonism spread wide-the rich the richer, the poor starving to death. This is due to the social and moral values that have begun to disappear.

Then, is there a solution to this world imbalance? Of course there is, if we really want to change it. We can live frugality, use the goods as needed, keep the cleanliness around us, consider the use of goods that can damage or pollute the environment. That's some little things we can do right away.

Then, what about social life? We can develop the living values of community and society by promoting the values of life, justice and peace. Working together in a group and gaining profit together is also one of the efforts to live a simple and prosperous life.

It is not easy to change the paradigm that exists in society. But, rest assured we can start though like a drop of water in the ocean, even though it only contains 3% of the salt makes the sea water salty. Let's create new droplets that will gradually affect the paradigm. Surely that we can do with exercises.

Well what about us? Now we are deciding on our own lives. We want to live simple, prosperous and stay alongside nature or live rich lives and be pampered with technology so that we eliminate spiritual values and social life? I do not know, we decide.

Written by Perdana Romi Saputra

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