A Closer Look at the Development of Two Children in Baling Karang

First time to set Foot in the village of Balingkarang a year ago, I studied with the children Write. I don’t feel there is a tough challenge because the children in class have been able to imagine.  Time That way, I think someday when I come back here, I Want to learn with the children reading the basics. Finally, the dream was realized In my second year as Master Pustaka Kampung Impian.

In this second year, I learned With the children reading the basics, children who have not been able to know the letters Well. They are unique children. Some do not want to learn When he wants to learn or some bother other friends to Get noticed.

There are many activities in Learn almost a month. One of the very enjoyable activities is Learn to write your own name. At the time of writing their own name, they said Can not but in the end they can all do it. They are very Like and happy working on it. I’m also proud because they show Creativity.

There are several children who Development, such as Niswa Hasanah and Cut Alfiana Suhaila (Naila).

Niswa is already Get to know the letter A to F. I began to teach him to Continued G through K. The following days, he demonstrated a growing Wonderful.  

Besides Niswa, there are also Naila with a very high willingness to learn. Naila can already read But not yet smoothly. In the beginning of our team’s arrival this time, Naila could not Inserted into the class reading advanced, but in the middle of this meeting he have been seen to be admitted to the class further reading because Rapid development.

See various Development of the children in Baling Karang village, I always hope that Their passion for continuing to learn can continue to exist.

Written by Fitriani

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