Failed Rohingya repatriation plan


The author reads Tempo magazine issue 26 November-2 December 2018. In international rubric, the author's eyes were on the paper titled They refused to go home, with Bangladesh and Myanmar subtitles failing to return the Rohingya refugees.


Reported in the writing that on Wednesday two weeks before the writing written by Abdul Manan and Mahardika Satria Hadi was published, paramilitary troops had been in a number of Rohingya shelter camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. There were 2,251 people who entered the name list to be repatrised to Burma using four trucks and three buses.


On the appointed day, none of the refugees appeared. According to the author, it is reasonable because the repatriation plan will not succeed if the Rohingya does not get international protection. If they return to Burma, will they get a safe environment? Especially though they will be placed in new homes built on Maungdauw, they will not be allowed to travel out of town. If like this, they will be imprisoned in the country itself right?


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