3R volunteers prepare for PKIP's work with passion

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Activities in several weeks to the end of July this year was filled by volunteers Rumah Volunteer Youth (3R) by preparing the exhibition of the work of the Library Kampung Impian (PKIP) 2019. This exhibition was planned to be held on 24-25 August 2019 at the Tsunami Museum.

"Alhamdulillah, this week we have organized the works of children from various villages which is the place of implementation of the Library of Impian Village program that will be shown during 2 days exhibition," said Fitri, a volunteer who is entrusted with the work of children in the exhibition weekly meeting, Monday (22/7).

In addition to the preparation of works, other volunteers are also preparing for other things such as events, fixtures, decorations, publications and documentation as well as other technical matters.  All are prepared vigorously considering the PKIP 2019 exhibition is an important event to show the various talents and works of children from the village of Bah and Serempah, Central Aceh Regency, Lapeng village (Pulo Aceh) and Klieng Cot Arun, Aceh Besar District, Balingkarang Village, Aceh Tamiang Regency as well as the village of Sarah Baru, South Aceh Regency.

Various preparations are not only done in the 3R Secretariat located in Bada, Kabupaten Aceh Besar, but also in the villages mentioned above. Although volunteers have been placed in all villages that are the target of the program, they will be again disseminated to visit these villages from July 27 to August 6, 2019.

During the villages, volunteers called dream Teachers would again facilitate the children to further expand the various performance preparations. In addition, it is, of course, re-organizing several activities in the library.


Description PKIP 2019 Exhibition

This year's exhibit is themed "read." This theme is appointed to further strengthen the function of the library of Impian village in some remote areas in Aceh province which is a means of learning and developing the culture of the village community through reading activities.

Decorating concept will be customized theme. "There will be a large printable word ' read ' that is expected to draw people's attention about the theme of the exhibit this year. In addition, the big background can be an interesting photo background, "said Azis who was married to be the responsible decoration.

A variety of works that almost all come from used materials are also ready to be laid for the visitors to see the exhibition. Performances in the form of traditional and contemporary dances, storytelling and poetry are beautifully displayed by children.

The exhibition aims to open the eyes of many people that anyone can work from gaining access to the maximum learning is open to the public. For 2 days, visitors will be presented with various spectacle and educative works that will increasingly show that the children of the village is extraordinary, if they are given a wide opportunity to get used to learning.

Let's appreciate the work by coming in the PKIP 2019 exhibition!

Written by: Rahmiana Rahman


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