Simple offerings for orphans

Breaking the fast with the orphans of Lam Lumpu village

Breaking the fast with the orphans of Lam Lumpu village

The sun began to sink. The secretariat of the Youth Volunteer House (3R) was also visited by 15 orphans. In accordance with the agenda that 3R volunteers agreed on before, last Thursday (24/5) is the breaking of fasting with orphans around the 3R secretariat in Peukan Bada.

30 minutes before the fast breaking schedule, ACEH fairy tale community which is also our guest that day started fairy tales for children. They were asked to sit close to five storytellers who had come in 3R since 5pm.

The fairy tale community of Aceh brings children to hear the story of Aisha, a young girl who had lost both of her parents and lived with her grandfather. Aisha was portrayed by Bunda Dayah, the initiator of the Aceh fairy tale as a shaleha and very kind-hearted child. One day his grandfather was sick and made Aisha have to go to the mosque to pray for herself. On his way home, Aisha cried and thought about how to buy medicine for her grandfather. For Allah's help is everywhere, Aisha met a father who helped him buy the medicines.

This story of Aisha hopefully becomes an inspiration that even though we have lost our father or mother or both, make us a child who is righteous/Sholehan, always grateful and realize that God's help will always be there. Of course this story is a simple offering of the fairy tale community of Aceh and 3R for the orphans of the day.








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