Notes after presentation of the Dream Village Library in Seoul

Photo together with participants of Global Dream Workshop Photo: Ikhsan

Photos shared with the participants of Global Dream Worksh
opFoto: Ikhsan

The Global Dream Workshop held at the Four Points by Sheraton Seoul Hotel, South Korea on April 16-19, 2019 is finished. The activities held by the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation invited the Youth Volunteer House (3R) – a social community in ACEH, to attend training and presentation related to the Pustaka Kampung Impian (PKIP) program.

Activities that also invite the organization of Good Helpers and Global Care from Nepal and ThaByae and ADI from Myanmar, consist of several agenda, namely: presentation of social activities of community representatives, material titled Contents and Methods of Reading Education for Library Operators by Prof. Soonyoung Lee from Korea University as well as visits to several village libraries.

During the themed workshops of Reading Education for Learning and Growth which aims to expand the education program with better quality and improve the professionalism of teachers, many things that 3R team get.

Developing libraries in remote villages
During the presentation session, the 3R team shares about the PKIP program. 3R team also share about the program that has been since 2016 implemented in Balingkarang village, Aceh Tamiang; Bah and Serempah, central ACEH; Rinon and Lapeng village, Aceh Besar and in Sarah Baru, South Aceh.

Enthusiastic participants were seen especially during the exposure of the PKIP activities that sent the volunteers called the Dream Teacher to live with the community in remote villages for 1 month, carrying out various educative activities With the children and the youths in the library built 3R with the villagers in a community and practicing the local librarian.

The 3R team presentation also raises several questions, such as the way of establishing village community relationships by building a library together as well as how to make a variety of program preparations implemented in the long run as In the PKIP. Byeolah Kim, one of the organizers even argued that although the number of volunteers 3R Limited, but the work done is quite large. This compliment hopefully becomes the encouragement of volunteers to continue to do social work in the community.

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The workshops that become PKIP's presentation at international events are the most enjoyable thing. The 3R team also got the idea to make this program even more big impact especially after visiting the library of Gusan-dong and Topsy-turvy villages, two examples of village libraries visited. The 3R team believes that the PKIP must continue to be implemented. Moreover, this activity is one way to build the village by making libraries as a means of community development in various sectors. If the village as the smallest structure of Indonesia is progressively advanced, the country is increasingly growing. Like that I hope as well as the other 3R volunteers. What about you?

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