Learning from the figure of a teacher in Baling Reef village

The trip continues to Baling Karang village. To reach this village, it took me a long time from the city of Banda Aceh. Berkilo-kilo meters should I travel, starting from a nice road to a road that is not good to arrive in a village that saves millions of surprises, made me amazed and did not stop to be grateful.


My admiration continued as I strolling around the village. There, I saw a building that was so sturdy. When I approached the building, I learned that the sturdy building was a school. Curiosity was increasingly strained to know about the school. I continued to step into the school that attracted my attention. On the middle of the road, I was surprised by the state of the room and facilities that the school had. The school is not as usual. Inland schools that have adequate facilities to support learning. The school has several computer units that can be used for a variety of learning activities. Almost all pupils can operate the computer, especially the one they use is to type or write down the works they make. Their facial expression was so happy that they could use a computer like children attending the city.


Those of you who are still in the midst of the children still enjoy the happiness they feel and the smiles that depict sincerity. As long as I was with them, I never saw them fighting for scrambling at the time of using a computer. Not only there, again I was amazed by the atmosphere of the class. The class is spreading the hands of creative teachers behind a comfortable class. The class is simple but has a reading corner made for children to read comfortably, and raises interest in children. When looking at the classroom this kind of thing makes me curious to see that creative teacher.


In the end, time to bring me creative people. He is the Bu Rodhiah. He is one of the teachers who teach at SD Baling Karang. Bu Rodhiah was the first teacher to teach at the elementary school. He has started to teach when the elementary school class has not used tables and chairs, but instead uses a sheet of mats. Nevertheless, the children are still passionate about learning. As well as children with passion, as well as Bu Rodhia who have a high spirit in teaching children with the appropriate facilities. This teacher had a strong reason to continue to have a high spirit in teaching because he hoped the Baling children were able to realize their ideals. He also hopes the children here can know a lot about the world even though their school is inland.


The figure of Bu Rodhiah teaches me about the true meaning of sincerity. He never wished to be attached to anything he did for school and children. Every struggle that he does is just hoping the children are able to get their education to a better level and higher so that the boy's Baling is getting smarter. His figure seems to portray himself as water in the middle of the desert.


Written by Karmila, Dream Master 2018-2019

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