The impression of two Peace Camp participants in Lapeng and Serempah villages

ACEH Peace Camp 2018

Aceh Peace Camp 2018 Desa Serempah, central ACEH

Peace Camp (PC) 2018 held from 3-15 July 2018 in 5 remote villages in Aceh has been completed. Many unforgettable impressions experienced by the participants. Almost all express happiness on the occasion of learning to live with the community in each village of placement. On the one hand, many expressed grief for having to split due to the duration of the completion of the PC, leaving the longing for the warmth of the community, the smile of the village children and the togetherness of fellow participants.

Here are the impressions of two PC participants stationed in the village of Lapeng and Serempah.


Effect of Asmaul Husna

I and the team arrived in Lapeng at night by passing a very damaged road that made me think it would be difficult to adapt in the Lapeng. However, in the morning when the sea of Lapeng began to be seen, the community welcomed us with a smile, as an open form of acceptance.

The feeling of happiness is increasing when looking at the village's children laughing together and running toward us. Children always come at 11 hours, but the activity of Peace School as one of the activities on PC is held every 2 noon. They are very enthusiastic about taking classes every day. Even outside of class, if there is a chance we play together and read a book.

 In my opinion, Peace Camp is a positive and very rewarding activity to get us closer to nature, learn to share, learn and utilize time to benefit others. The Program has also changed my point of view and made me dare to brainstorm, make decisions and learn to take responsibility.

 Thank you 3R.


Impression of Cut Nurvajri TR

This year 2018 was my second time following the Peace Camp (PC). But, the experience I get was memorable, with a different story from the previous year as I followed the PC.

PC makes me learn a lot of things including about family, solidarity, and learning to socialize. With fellow teams in the village of Serempah, I feel that they coordinate with each other and collaborate on creative things.

With the community in the village of Serempah, I felt hospitality. The team of Serempah includes me feeling comfortable, making us feel as if part of their family.   

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