Congratulations, dream Teachers 2019-2020 have been elected

DSC_5541After going through a series of file selection and interview process, choose 6 young people from various regions in ACEH as a dream teacher who is a designation for the volunteer of the Kampung Impian Library period 2019-2020. They are Dinda Triani, Fitriani, Riska Malda Phonna, Romi Arisandi, Purwadi Indra Atmajaya and Tulus Perange,

The dream teachers participated in a technical meeting (16/9) to get an overview of the program's detail schedule and the theoretical stuff for a year in the collective work.

"We expect the commitment of our friends so that we can cooperate fully in launching programs that have been implemented since 2013," said Nanda during the technical meeting session.

Agenda to be held this week is the physical orientation in the form of climbing to the Cot Tulopo. This process is a series of activities to get to know yourself and build teamwork. After that, the orientation of the curriculum will be implemented next week to discuss various curriculum matters during the program.

Dream teachers are expected to work together vigorously in the next year, not only when placing in remote villages through the library of Impian Village program that will be implemented from early October, but also during the process Simple life with another 3R team.



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