People of Kampung Baling Karang Gotongroyong Create Fence Library

People of Kampung Balingkarang Gotongroyong Create Fence Library

In accordance with the schedule, the teachers of Pustaka Kampung Impian conducting cooking and dining activities with residents of Baling Karang village on Friday (13/3) in the library, a small library that was built since last year by home of the volunteer youth with villagers.

How did the initial agreement make the fence by Gotongroyong?
During the cooking activities, precisely after Friday prayers, Nurul tells about the activities of children in Pustaka Kampung Impian and the function of the library as a general means of villagers. Nurul also stated the need for a library of the fence. Pak Imam,-one of the villagers-explained about the need of the villagers support the activities of the volunteers/teachers dreams let alone activities that are implemented to develop the ability and creativity of children in the village. Mr. Datok as the village leader also welcomed by planning a mutual assistance to make a fence. Residents of the village are often with mutual assistance to clean the village on Friday, so this Friday scheduled to build a library fence. Mr. Datok also asked the citizens to participate in donating wood and bamboo as the material for the creation of the library fence, let alone most gardening residents.

Since the day of the deal, every day there are people who take turns bringing wood to the library after returning from the garden. Some even spend special time. When carrying the wood, they see their children who are learning.

How is the implementation of fencing?
Finally, on Fridays starting at 8 a.m., people began to gather in the library. They people create the library fence. Conversation and laughter are present in the midst of the cooperation. Finally, at 6 pm, the fence was finished. The library of Impian village becomes increasingly safe and comfortable to play, learn and gather. All this happens because of cooperation between all parties, especially residents of the village Balingkarang who realize that this library is a common property.

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