Aceh Peace Camp 2018, shaping longing and new self in a week

ACEH Peace Camp 2018

ACEH Peace Camp 2018

ACEH Peace Camp as an annual community Volunteer home Youth activity (3R) has been done for 21 times. In 2018, Peace Camp (PC) again gathered 35 people as a volunteer activity.

PCS carried out from 30 June to 15 July 2018 began to supply physical orientation with a hike to the mountain of Cot Tulo Po. This ascent becomes an introductory place for fellow volunteers to learn about people's characters and learn to lower the ego in order to collaborate well later. After the physical orientation, curriculum orientation is held as well as the introduction of Peace School as one of the activities that will be implemented during the PC. Peace School is themed "Kampungku Sayang" with 6 topics oriented to the preservation of the village and the importance of preserving nature.

Peace School is conducted for 6 days, by playing and learning to be a fun activity for volunteers and children in various villages. Topic 1 at Peace School discusses all of us siblings who focus on fraternity in village society. Topic 2 on healthy living is explaining the importance of eating vegetables and fruit for a healthy body and the utilization of land around the house to plant vegetables. The water of my friend became the 3rd topic discussing the importance of water and how to keep the water to function well for mankind. Topic 4 namely exploring the village, invite the children to see the beauty of their village or village so that it is expected to increase their love in his village. Topic 5 Garbage is useful with a focus on recycling activities bottle trash into beautiful hanging ornaments. End with hope for Kampungku as topic 6 and play traditional sports as cover activities with children.

PC volunteers looked very excited for the placement in 5 remote villages in Aceh province, namely Lapeng and Rinon village in Pulo Aceh, Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Bah Village and Serempah in central Aceh Kabuparen and Balingkarang village in Aceh Tamiang Regency.

The volunteers claimed to be very excited about this program, proved by the number of registrants who entered even though finally only 35 people can do the whole series of activities. Two of the youngest participants who have just completed high school education have become evidence that the spirit of ACEH's youth has risen to make a real contribution to his region. "I like to mingle with the siblings in the village, where I can share my knowledge with the brothers there, the spirit of their passion in learning and I can also learn many new things such as the culture of the daily life of the village community", said Missed one of the youngest volunteer PC of the year.

Learning to live together, making peace with oneself and wisely utilizing nature is a lesson for volunteers. As one participant in the Instagram account wrote @nindimutiara, "The second time participated in this activity. The reason is because there is longing to be resolved. It seems that the reason is wrong, instead of completing the longing instead raises a new longing. Different teams from last year taught me to appreciate each other's opinions, communicate well and trust each other. To create a team that is compact, harmonious and comfortable. Each morning begins with a breifing to prepare a day of activities with the children in Baling Karang village. The café sees how beautiful the mountains, rivers and villages are while enjoying the snacks. At night we evaluate the activity for a better tomorrow. The activity kept us doing for a week. Until we finally returned from the village with a million lessons and longing that increasingly difficult to be resolved ".

Happy is the final expression of the Peace Camp 2018 implementation. When realizing that a lot of new personal formed in the week as well as longing waiting to be rediscovered. As a coordinator, I feel satisfied and proud to all the effort done together in completing a whole series of activities PC 2018. Now, although the activity is complete, the friendship and the family that formed will never be finished. Even with the spirit awaits to re-engrave memories together again.


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