An opinion: The great gap gaps

Gap gaps are getting bigger, we can get it in everyday life. Call it, for example, life gaps in economics, education and religion.

In terms of economics, we can find many people who are very wealthy. While near-near they scattered also many poor people. This is because the rich are just thinking about collecting as many money as possible, even for their descendants. Why don't they think of abandoning inheritance in non-material form to their next generation?

In terms of education, how many smart people continue to strive to be smarter, take the best education in this world-renowned university? Meanwhile, there are also people who can not access education, even basic education. Why do these smart people not be moved to move "small" people to access wide open education as well?

In terms of religion, we see many people who are very understanding of religion. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people, even adult Muslims have not understood the prayer movement correctly. For example, in Serempah Village, where youth Volunteer House (3R) is engaged. Through the direct observation of the teacher's Dream Village Library (one of 3R programs), there are still many people in the village of Serempah who do not know the movements of prayers. Why not, scholars or students come to remote areas such as Serempah, living in a certain period and sharing about religion to the local community?

These gaps can be minimized with simple people as intermediaries. People who reduce the gap gaps are getting bigger. People whose lives are simple, not stuck to the mindset and behaviors have many things. In the end, will we be a simple person, people who minimize less gaps that are getting bigger? The answer, there is in each of them.

Author: Rahmiana Rahman (Volunteer House of Youth Volunteers)

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