3R degree workshop of cloth sanitary Making

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Rumah Volunteer Youth (3R) which is one of the social community in ACEH held a workshop on making cloth dressing (8/8/2019). The activities held at the 3R secretariat in the Peukan Bada area are part of the Community Sharing program, a monthly program that is implemented free of charge and is open to the public with a variety of interesting themes.

Responsible for the activities, Rahmiana Rahman, said that the workshop activities with the theme of the cloth dressing making was implemented to educate the young women to start making and using cloth pads. "Disposable sanitary pads are a huge number of garbage producers. In addition, the use of disposable sanitary pads especially those that are high in chlorinated will trigger the development of cervical cancer. Therefore, dressing cloth can be a solution, "he said.

He also explained that the workshop that was conducted the day before the volunteer 3R holiday Eid Iduladha takes place in two sessions, namely a presentation with the title of the use of cloth pads from the speaker which is then followed by a workshop that Guided by some facilitators. All the fabrics and hand sewing tools are prepared, so the participants can immediately make their respective cloth pads.

"This activity is very rewarding. I can learn to make sanitary pads that are easily made and more environmentally friendly, "said Tari, one of the participants from the University of Riau, but was on vacation in Banda Aceh.

Workshop with the theme of making cloth sanitary pads will be routinely held once a month until the end of this year. If there is a community interested in learning to make cloth pads, please contact us via Instagram @rumahrelawanremaja.

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