Dream Teacher Registration Form of 2022


Dream Village Library

The Dream Village Library is one of the alternative learning programs for Rumah Relawan Remaja (3R). This program has been implemented since 2016 until now, in various remote villages and/or affected by the disaster, namely in Bah and Serempah (Aceh Tengah), Lapeng (Pulo Aceh, Aceh Besar), Clients Cot Aron (Aceh Besar). ), Sarah Baru (Aceh Selatan) and Balangkarang (Aceh Tamiang)

The Dream Village Library prepares learning facilities in the form of a small library equipped with various reading books and dream teachers (Volunteers for the Dream Village Library) as facilitators of various educational and interactive classes. The classes that exist until the 5th batch are Basic Reading, Advanced Reading, Writing, Traditional Arts, Crafts, and Photography classes. In addition to classes for children, there are also classes for youth, namely photography and sewing classes and classes for adults.

Download Registration Form here: Registration Form




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