3R Bulletin (34th Edition) Has Been Published


How are you, 3R friends? Hopefully, you are in good health. Time flies, we are arriving at the end of 2020. Many things are different this year especially because of the corona virus pandemic that is still around today.

Even so, the editorial team continues to hope that we can deal with this situation well. This November-December 2020 edition, which is a routine bulletin for the Peace Volunteer Centre (Rumah Relawan Remaja/3R), which is published once in two months, still provides information on various activities of the 3R, for example regarding the placement of volunteers from Dream Village Library in Bah and Serempah villages, the 3R secretariat in Peukan Bada as well as extra class activities for junior and senior high school library visitors. There are also several other rubrics that hopefully they can be informative and inspirational reading.

This year too, on December 26 , we were reminded again of the tsunami incident 16 years ago in Aceh. Hopefully the devastating disaster that occurred in 2004 will continue to be an experience and lesson, not just a moment to be commemorated.



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