3R Disaster Response in North Aceh

written by : Rahmiana Rahman


The flood disaster in North Aceh that has occurred since last week has created various losses, especially for the local community. Thus, in the end Disaster Emergency Response is needed in these areas.

Various communities / organizations kept coming to show their concern with the various contributions that have been given. This is also done by us – volunteers at the Youth Volunteer House (3R).

With some limitations, 3R volunteers came to see first hand the conditions that were happening. We started by visiting the post at the Regent’s Office. There, we met several organizations from Malikussaleh University, namely the SAR, Mapala, Pramuka, TDC and KSR teams. It was also from this joint organization that directed us to a village in the Landing area that was less touched by assistance. Moreover, now it seems that there is a lot of aid in East Pirak, an area that has been badly affected by this flood.



Seeing the conditions in this Landing, we finally decided to make a donation to the community here. “The village head doesn’t know where. There is also no help. There is only a public kitchen made by students, “said a resident when we visited (8/12). Donations in the form of basic foodstuffs, water storage facilities and water needs for several days can be small things for some people, but at this time, we see that this is what is needed in that place.

Until now, various concerned communities / organizations have also continued to raise funds. Keep up the enthusiasm for our humanitarian work.

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