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“What do you think that is said to live simply?”

I asked when he started the Community Sharing discussion (25/8). Several answers also came from volunteers here, at Peace Volunteer House (3R).

There were those who answered with enough and excessive life. I also said yes and then headed for the next presentation slide showing the simplicity which in Islam is called Qana’ah, a mental attitude of a person who is always satisfied with what Allah SWT has given him. This qana’ah was born from the heart of a person who is good at being grateful for both the field and the narrowness. A simple life, in my opinion, is to live according to your needs, not to obey your lust so that you become a wasteful and wasteful person, not also a stingy and hunksy person. In another explanation, I also tried to describe the social and economic benefits of a simple life.

As a closing, I described simple life steps, namely making lists, disciplining sleeping and waking hours, managing finances so as not to be wasteful, avoiding jealousy or envy and taking time to go out into nature to enjoy the gratitude that is present in the heart.

* * *

At 3R’s house, we continue to learn to apply the simple life in our everyday life. This can be seen from the role of 3R as a place for learning to cook together, discussing various social issues, sorting waste, not leaving food up to small and simple things, but sometimes people overlook it.

We adopted the theme of Community Sharing to continue to strengthen our understanding of the concept of simple life.

Hopefully, this fun discussion session has taught us many lessons!


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