Your Plastic Waste, Your Responsibilty!

It is a note of Community Sharing in July 

We often hear about the growing plastic waste. Then, what is the effort that we have done, at least for the amount of use of the plastic? One of them is by using disposable items and prioritizing items that can be used repeatedly, for example totebag and tumbler.

Even so, it is better to avoid plastic waste. Therefore, ecobrick is one solution.

Eco-bricks are plastic bottles that are filled with non-biological solids to make reusable building blocks. Ecobrick is able to provide new life for plastic waste. Ecobrick is also another way to make use of rubbish besides sending it to final disposal.

Therefore, on July 14, 2020, the Ecobrick became a discussion on the monthly Community Sharing activity. This time, Indra Purwadi as (3R volunteer) became a facilitator. Indra did not only share information about the importance of ecobrick, but also directly facilitated all 3R volunteers to do practice. Now, 3R volunteers have plastic bottles with plastic waste that has been chopped. Because we at 3R must realize that plastic waste is responsible for each of us.






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