An Expression of Thanks for All Volunteers During Virtual Exhibition


Virtual Dream Library Exhibition event which was the first Virtual Exhibition in Aceh took place smoothly on 4-5 July 2020. The entire series of activities in the form of Virtual Exhibitions can be seen through the Artstep link, Webinars with the theme of Remote Village Education can be seen through the YouTube account of Peace Volunteer Centre (3R) as well as a number of online competitions. The Dream Village Library Exhibition has indeed been scheduled regularly.

In previous years, village children gathered in Banda Aceh to show the extraordinary work they had produced during the Dream Village Library program. But because of the pandemic, 3R volunteers were still excited about holding the exhibition, with a virtual concept, something that was very new to us. Although it was implemented virtually, the 3R volunteers involved were carrying out the mandate very well, paid attention to the details of each decoration to continuing to expand the network to inform the Virtual Exhibition as part of the development of education for remote villages specifically in Aceh.

* * *

As Chairperson of the 3R community, I would like to thank the 3R volunteers who were directly involved in preparing the exhibition of children’s work from 6 remote villages in Aceh so that it could be enjoyed directly by many people. Our work thus far has created inner satisfaction after seeing the enthusiasm of many people for the Virtual Exhibition for the first time in Aceh. Moreover, this is also the first time an exhibition shows the work of children from remote villages.

Proud? Of course. But there is a simple hope that continues to burn behind our collaboration. A hope to open the eyes and minds of many people that everyone can show extraordinary achievements and works including those in remote villages, if they get the chance. Isn’t it?

Written by Rahmiana Rahman









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