Following the Physical Distancing Policy, 3R Will Organize Virtual Exhibition

Exhibition of Dream Village Library is a form of appreciation to the children’s artworks throughout the teaching studying activities in the underdeveloped part of Aceh – or the operational areas of Pustaka Kampung Impian Program (PKIP) namely Pulau Aceh, Central Aceh, Aceh Tamiang and South Aceh.

Unlike exhibitions from the previous years, Rumah Relawan Remaja – also known as 3R – held in an open space, and attracting big crowds, also very lively, this year exhibition will take place in a virtual space using online media, at 3R Secretariat in Jalan Peukan Bada-Ulee-Lheu Dsn. Kp. Banda, Gampong Lam lumpu, Kec, Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar, on 4-5 July 2020.

This virtual exhibition will showcase artworks from PKIP batch IV and also feature a series of competitions such as photography, short story submission, poems reading and story-telling for kids and public. Another event in this exhibition is educational seminars from 3R collaboration with some communities.

We decided to use “Kampungku Sayang” (My Lovely Hometown) as the main theme of this event. This event will allow children and the public to express their creative selves through artworks. By putting the theme forward, teaching studying activities for children in rural communities would serve as an inspiration for people from every aspect of the society to take part in providing equal access to education. We also use the theme to allow any interpretation from people for their art crafts.

Throughout the exhibition, a series of aforementioned seminars will take place. The seminars would invite the following speakers, Billy Mambrasar as Millennial Presidential Expert Staff and Drs. Rachmat Fitri HD, MPA as Head of Aceh Education Authorities.

In addition, we will also have stand-alone exhibitions, for example, the Children’s Books Exhibition that displays children writings, Writings Exhibition that is quite similar to the aforementioned exhibition but differs in the writings segment as this covers the entire writings from every PKIP activities, Photo Exhibition to exhibit Dream Library Children photographic works from 3R photography class and Art Crafts Exhibitions to show the children crafts from crafting class.

Through the exhibition, we are hoping that this event could be a vessel to channel children’s creativity as this could help understand the kids’ potential, the creativity that will eventually lead to achievements. And as for the public, the exhibition would benefit the public through the enrichment in knowledge surrounding education in the rural areas.








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