Ramadan sharing 3R


The volunteers of the Rumah Volunteers Youth (3R) held several activities during the month of Ramadan 1440 Hijri. One of them is Ramadan sharing which is a iftar sharing activity for the riders.

The Iftar sharing activities conducted on Saturday (25/5) in Simpang Jam which is located near from the Tsunami Museum is running smoothly.

From the morning, volunteers began to concern themselves according to the division of their duties. There is a grocery shopping of all necessary pastries, composing cardboard packaging, and making dough. Although it was implemented in fasting condition, the volunteers remained passionate. Finally, in the afternoon, the food to be shared is ready.

As a team at Simpang Jam, volunteers divide themselves and take an iftar box to be distributed to road users. All seemed happy, both the volunteers who shared and the riders who received the iftar.

Azis as the responsibility of Ramadan share this suggests that he learned a lot of new things, such as making cakes that are assorted, even though never before. In addition, all activities are prepared from a long day so that the preparation can be more optimal.

Alhamdulillah, finally after sharing iftar, the 3R volunteers carried out the fasting together at Bustanul Salatin Garden in Simpang Jam area. After the Maghrib, the volunteers enjoyed the fast-breaking meal.


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