Travel librarian 3R to Alue Keujren village

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Today was my third visit to the village of Alue Keujreun, Sarah Baru. As a librarian, I was tasked with bringing reading books to the children of the Pustaka Kampung Impian program in one of the villages that were hit by the Kluet River. Road access that is a little difficult to make the task of this visit is done twice in a month.

To arrive at the location, I had to travel approximately one hour from my home in the city of Dawn, South Aceh on a motorcycle, after that the trip was continued by using a machine boat commonly called "stamp" during Approximately two hours to arrive.

It can not be denied, sometimes a fairly long journey creates a sense of fatigue. However, the perceived fatigue instantly changed with a happy look at the bright faces of children welcoming my arrival. Their gaze seems to say "The Bookbearer's brother has come." Of course it becomes a very potent fatigued bidder.

Usually, as soon as I saw the boat attached to the pier, the boys immediately stopped bathing and were approaching. With wet and cold bodies, they immediately accompanied me to the home of one of the village's devices which I made a place to roll out the book. It didn't take long to wait for them to gather, just fifteen minutes they were already running around with the book in their respective hands. Children are very excited about reading and borrowing books, although sometimes they also complain of books that I carry very thin. They always wished me to bring thicker books so they could read for a longer time.

As a librarian, I felt excited and happy for being a small part of the community of Volunteer Home Youth (3R) efforts to complete the children's thirst for good and educational books.


Written by Nurul Fitri Azlin

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