Fun writing class in library Impian Klieng Cot Arun

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One of the library program of Kampung Impian Klieng Cot Arun is the writing class. The Program has been running since July 27, 2019. The number of children who joined the writing class amounted to 7 people. They are 10-13 years old. They attended writing classes after returning home from school or where to pay. Classes starting from 15.00-17.00 WIB are held twice a week namely on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Under the guidance of Lathifah and Mulia as librarian, the children in the library were enthusiastic in following this writing class. It was obvious when it came to the library, they immediately asked about the topics they would write.

Regarding the discussion material in the writing class, several times the librarian gave the topic. Then, the children write according to the given topic. However, there are times when children write a free essay in accordance with what they want to write. As a librarian here, I see when writing a free essay, the kids here are more creative and imaginative. Brilliance ideas are more developed.

There are many things children write, such as family, school and friends. According to the two librarians, the writings produced by children at the time of their current age are very good writing and have the potential to continue to be developed.

There are also some funny things during the class. For example, some of the librarians encounter children who do not allow the librarian to read their writings for shame.

The written children's handwriting is then read and examined. Slowly, the librarian also teaches precise use of the letters, such as writing capital letters in the first letter at the beginning of a sentence.

Written by Mulia

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