The village of Lapeng smile

Lapeng is one of the villages that is a place of placement for the library teacher of Dream Village. The Lapeng became a new painting in the Book of my Travels. The waves of the seas become an opening spirit for past destruction, a fragment of coral that is scattered with the rocks on the coast as if the story was destroyed, they remain rigid to withstand the waves of the sea. Despite their destruction, they never hated the seas and the wave of waves. For a moment I was quietly looking around, how scared I would be the failures of my past to the rambling of my heart I forgot to be a smile that I closed the meeting.


It is a father who lives in the wild waves of the sea, with the welcome of a beautiful smile that decomposes from his wife (mother) and with a line of laughter from the children who tear down all the sweat on the shoulders of the father. Really, I seemed to be in a bunch of families that made me grateful to be here. The face of father and mother is clearly captured by the clouds with the blue screen of Lapeng sky. All the doors that I originally forced to close are now slowly open. God has shown me that from the my there are still many rigors of life lived with patience and gratitude by parents.


I had been mistaken with an image that was originally forgotten on my mind. Those who live with the hectic roar of the ocean with a degree of education makes me seem to regret the situation. It turned out I was wrong. The Lapeng children live far from the hustle and bustle of the city but their life lessons are mastered beyond urban life. Courteous and respectful when with more mature people, extraordinary knowledge although not very fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, the understanding that is seen when they play and learn together as if making them mature from the age Their. Here I look back to 13 years ago, seeing the children play as if I saw a reflection of myself.


The Lapeng and its people became a new history in the life lessons that seemed to pull me out of the heart. Now, it is a wide open smile for me to see the vast nature of God's creation that makes me grateful every second.



Written by Cut Hasnawati

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