Preparation for Dream Library Placement 2019-2020


Various activities appeared in the secretariat of Peace Volunteer Centre (Rumah Relawan Remaja/3R) in September. After the determination of selected Dream Library, various activities were carried out. This activity stared from the technical meeting, signing the contract of the year, physical orientation in Cut Tulopo which was then followed by the curriculum Orintation.

The physical orientation run smoothly. Although the path traveled by the dream teachers in the orientation location was not easy, but they were still passionate and learned a lot from the journey over the two days.

After the physical orientation, the next activity was the orientation of the curriculum that lasts since September 24 – October 2, 2019. During the orientation, dream teachers got briefed on various things, such as the introduction of the 3R community, the Reader Village Library program, the deepening of the curriculum in various classes of children, adolescents and the public. There was also a discussion session with some guests invited to talk about the writing of citizen journalism, storytelling techniques and the development of child psychology. In addition, curriculum orientation was also filled by teaching simulation, learning media preparation and visiting Gampong Nusa to learn about good practice.

“I am grateful for be able to meet people who are one thought to share and serve. This supply is very important to need. I have continued to learn and spirit to move forward literacy in Aceh, “said Indra, a dream teacher from Aceh Tamiang who commented on the curriculum orientation.

October 3, 2019, four dream teachers will be placed in the village of Lapeng, Pulo Aceh in Aceh Besar district. For a month there, they will learn to live with the local community and facilitate the community to develop their village packed in various educative and interesting programs. Two other dream teachers will be placed in the 3R secretariat to carry out various programs. 

Good Luck, the dream teachers!

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