Peace Camp 2019 gives you colorful bliss


Peace Camp 2019 was smoothly held. The annual Agenda of the Youth Volunteer House (3R) was held on 18 June – 3 July 2019 in Baling Karang village, Aceh Tamiang Regency.

Various preparations have been made in the far-away days by 3R volunteers. Starting from a variety of registration preparation meetings, social media registration publications, electing is responsible for various types of activities during the village, preparation for a variety of content simulations.

After publishing the registration to find young people who also want to learn to live with the community in Baling Karang village through the activities of this Peace Camp 2019, we – the volunteers – the more vigorous exercise of the preparation of activities The. It became one of the main agenda during the month of Ramadan. Content simulation consists of puppet performances, drama, singing of several songs, preparing ice breaking as well as games that sometimes invite laughter. In addition, there is a practice of making practice that is part of community activities.

The details of the activities start from the physical orientation of the climbing to the Cot Tulo Po, orientation of the curriculum at the 3R secretariat, activities in Baling Karang Village and activity evaluation. The activities in the village will be packed with interesting ones that take the target of children in the agenda of Peace School, youth as well as society in general. There is also the Kampung Festival which will be the peak of the Peace Camp 2019 implementation. During the Kampung Festival, villagers are given interesting and useful activities that are challenges husband give makeup on the face of wife and the challenge of cooking nasi goreng with family.

During the village, the implementation of the activity is running with the Lancer. The locals also strongly support the implementation of the activities there. Peace School with children, practical classes and health workshops with mothers, the excitement of the village festival, the solidarity of the Volunteers/participants, the hospitality of the village community and the beauty of Balingkarang are unforgettable memories and give a profound impression.

We hope that the activities of Peace Camp provide the color of happiness for the people of Baling Karang village as well as participants of the Peace Camp 2019.

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