Physical Orientation Peace Camp Participant 2018

Journey to Cot Tulo Po, Aceh Besar

Journey to Cot Tulo Po, Aceh Besar

"July 1, 2018. Physical training in the mountain of Cot Tulo Po, Aceh Besar. This becomes important because being a teacher/person who wants to serve to a village must have a strong physique. This trip is interesting because they can get to know each other's friends, chatting on the streets, falling, rolled with steep streets. 425 MDPL feels so many stories, especially witnessing friends who climb with wide hoods and skirts, first of all. Most importantly this journey has made me find people who care about the village, the people who go to remember the village. "

It was a brief commentary of Nita Juniarti through her Instagram account, one of the Peace Camp 2018 volunteers who had passed one of several series of Peace Camp 2018 activities that were physical orientation at Mount Cot Tulo Po, ACEH Besar which was implemented On 30 June-1 July 2018.

Mount Cot Tulo Po is chosen because the path is easier and with relatively low altitude so it is suitable for novice climbers, let alone there are 40 people who participated in the physical orientation.

The journey starts at 10am through Krueng Kalee Village at the foot of the mountain. During the trip, volunteers who were divided into 4 groups went in tandem with their respective groups. Although it often stops due to fatigue, travel together remains enjoyable. Finally around 4.30 pm, all participants were seen at the top.

This physical orientation in addition to training physical volunteers to conduct the activities of Peace Camp 2018, of course, aims also to improve cooperation and solidarity and introduce about the beauty of nature.

The Peace Camp volunteers 2018 arrived back at 3R at 6 pm. They rested for one day and then continued the Peace Camp 2018 series of curriculum orientation and placement in 5 villages.

Before departing at 3R secretariat

Praying before travel

Mutual Bantu-membantu fellow volunteers on the way.















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