October, first month in the village of Bah

Morning return came. Gayo-language Chat sounds that I didn't understand woke me from sleep. Different days, different times, different times. Still with the same feeling, waiting for the invitation to the village of placement. Seen a Panther car parked in front of the store signifies that the invitation has arrived. Yes, it is Ama, the father who invited us to go to the village of Bah and Serempah. Ama is a nickname for a father in Gayo language. He will also be our foster father for a month ahead.
The coldness of the morning that was covered in drowsiness did not make us lazy to move to the equipment such as "carrier" and the box to the car in the Ama. The goods are neatly arranged and the car runs.
The journey starts from Simpang Balek. The Taste of sleepy and cold disappears when the car starts to walk through the shops until the villagers enter the house. The smooth path instantly changes with steep and rock-lined rampes and derivatives, right-left covered with a vast view of the residents ' sugarcane plantations and as far as the eyes are visible only in rows of green hills Covered in fog.
From the distance, it has begun to look at the roofs of the houses of the villagers in the village which is neatly arranged beneath the hills, signifying the journey is starting to be close to the destination. Soon, the eyes were treated with the beautiful expanse of rice fields that stretched to form the stairs when entering the village of Bah. Never imagined before, there would be a scene like this in a village surrounded by hills. The Bah and its contents have made me fall into the natural landscape.
This is not the first time for me to this village. Last July 2018 was my first trip to the village of Bah. With different teams and programmes as well as just one week.
October is the first month with the Pustaka Kampung Impian program with the volunteers called Master Impian brought me to visit this village again.
This journey gives the meaning of my journey in remote villages to learn with the teachers of dreams. Actually this is not a journey but education because we did not come to teach but rather we are learning to the villagers. Because in fact there is not much we can give them, they are the ones that give us a lot of things. Life lessons, passion, independence and other things make us increasingly understand what the real life means.
Written by Muh. Hatta

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