See the content of 3R Bulletin June-August edition


A bulletin of the cover of several young people who climbed Mount Cut Tulo Po attracted attention and made happy volunteers of the House Volunteer Youth (3R).  Moreover, the contents of the bulletin are their works. "Alhamdulillah, finally printed," said Nanda, a man from Pidie who had been part of 3R since 2017.

The 3R Bulletin is a section of information about the social community 3R which was established since 2013 in ACEH.

This June-August edition of 3R Bulletin 2018 comes back with the headlines about the life lessons of Ali Banat and Razan Najar. The story is both appointed by the editorial team of 3R to inspire to continue sharing with others even to the self-denial.

In addition, the content with a variety of activities that presents a variety of information about the activities of 3R, for example under the title of society, thank you for caring, written by Nurul Fitri Azlin, maintaining a culture of Likok Pulo in the village Rinon written by Freza Septian Dika, the beauty of sharing in the month full of blessings written by Darfianti and some other activities. There is also the content of the children's work, the corner of Aceh which tells about Meugang traditions in Aceh, tips on climbing mountains, short story titled Jentera Desa which Assyifa and book reviews "Last Days Che Guevara."

For information, the 3R Bulletin is published once in 2 months. For 3R companions who want to contribute, can send tips, short stories, reviews and cross-communities that can be sent through

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