The Library of Kampung Impian Klieng Cot


A house that is not inhabited about 13 years of Yarmen dynamics which is the daily editor of Serambi and the builder of the Forum Aceh writes (FAMe) in the area of Gampong Klieng Cot Arun, Aceh Besar, ACEH, instantaneously crowded, Monday, 11 March. Some people seem to sit in a circular in the living room of the house. There is a simple event to inaugurate a library named library Kampung Impian Klieng Cot Arun.

The library of the Kampung Impian Klieng Cot Arun is the 9th Library of Rumah Volunteers Youth (3R) after previously implementing the establishment of libraries in several areas such as in the village Balingkarang, Aceh Tamiang; The village of Lapeng, Aceh Besar; Bah Village, central Aceh and the village of Luaor, West Sulawesi.

"The Library at Klieng Cot Arun comes as a result of collaboration with FAMe. Hopefully this library can be useful for many people, "said Romi as the founder of 3R in his speech at the inauguration of the library that will be opened regularly every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

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